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Spring projection took place on the 19 - 22 of March 2009, in the Marseille Project Gallery.

We showed our favorite artists' works along with our new work.

Over 30 international artists took part in this project. We were proud to represent art work form India, Armenia, Egypt, Australia, Usa, Japan, Croatia and many other countries from all over the world.

The work was projected in actual size onto our gallery walls as a slide show. Among painting a lot of photography and installation work had been shown. All together we wanted to create soft almost invisible very early spring feeling, when colors are still minimal but the air is full of inevitable coming of new blossom.

Original work that was on display in the gallery was mostly black and white.

Simon Laurent photographer-filmmaker from Strasbourg (France) with other work exhibited "The Two Rivers" photograph that has a quality of Turner's atmospheric landscapes, delicate, beautiful and magic.

"Working with black and white I often try to create dark, ambiguous, mysterious and frosty atmospheres.... My style is partly related to my environment: often austere, and linked to the interactions I have with people. "

Natalie Kulbashna film artist from Kiev (Ukraine) brought her paintings and animation and also films she participated in making. After the long evening of Preview party we still had a very keen audience wishing to see and discuss her work. We continued doing so the next couple of days...

I was very happy and honored to be invited to participate to the exhibition " Spring Projection " in Marseille at Marseille Project Gallery .... So I'd like to thank everyone who made that event possible, especially curators Lira Kay and Daniel Kanaan. Great job . I'd like to thank the audience and other artist who came....Fantastic....  I  think  that an artwork exists because it can  engage with someone. That exhibition  was all about that.  Once again, it was a great event, and I hope to see some exhibitions at the same place.

Simon Laurent

Greetings, Marseilles! Thank's, Lira and Daniel! I have taken away home with myself warm and pleasant impressions of you and that that you do. Has returned overflowed with new ideas and desire to create! Thanks you! To fast meetings!

Natalie Kulbashna

Participating artists

Aditi Kulkarni

Ashraf Abbas

Gregory O Flaherty

Kulbashna Natalie

Roberta Weissman Nagy

Lira Kay
Garage Renault Michelet
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