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Video about exhibition made by Lira Kay 2010

daniel kanaan portrait

Self Portrait 2000 Daniel Kanaan

"In his indecision, he ended up at Oakford hospital. As it happened, travelling from his parents' home Oakford was directionally the mid point between his own home and that of his brother. In all the turns he had made, at each one having changed his mind as to his destination, he ended up in the middle: the hospital. It was the right decision, he thought. "

Excerpt from Oakford's Ramus by Daniel Kanaan

24 April 2010

Dear public,

We invite you to witness the birth of the Artist and the Art.

Fascinating characters from the past and present: Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Andy Warhol, Modiliani, Auerbach, Tracy Emin, Frida Cahlo, Jackson Pollack and many more famous and unknown artists affect and inspire us perhaps more then we think. Every day of our lives, somebody somewhere, monk-like in the pilligrimmige praying, meditating, reflecting, creating and sharing with you the insights of their own soul. That is how artist is in danger of being rejected, judged: he's voluntarily taking a risk most people try to avoid.

This exhibition will get you closer to the people responsible for the major part of your spiritual excitement.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery and encourage you to support artists, musicions, actors and filmmakers! Good luck to us all!


works by Constantin Severin, Margret Schopka, Aldo Carhuancho Herrera, David Teng Olson, Adel Fortia, Pavlos Satoglou, Arina Gordienko, Anna Kolos

For this show we asked artists to look trough the stashes of self portraits from different eras of their lives: studies, sketches, finished paintings, photographs, autobiographical novels, poetry, artists statements they grew out of, as well as portraits of fellow artists. We were interested in all.

As a result we put together fantastic collection of incredibly personal work of people who like talking to you through art. As usual we'll be showing painting, photography, print, sculpture, film and animation.

This year we have two curators joining our exhibition, Natalie Kulbashna in Kiev, Ukraine, and Curtis Readel in Chicago, United States.

They brought dozens of interesting artists to the project which gives new perspective and energy to the show. Both of our curators have been exhibiting with us before, Natalie came with her paintings and films to Marseille and Curtis took part in Spring Projection in 2009.

We plan to have webcam connection with them during the Preview Party on 24th April and chat about art, life, plans, anything you want really. Be there to ask the questions and take the consequences ...

In Ukraine Natalie will be having exhibition of artists portraits at the same time with the same projections and film screenings we prepared here. She will turn her house into the art gallery "Domashnaja Galereja" (ул. Николая Василенко 8-А, кв. 24) just as we do and have a party with fellow artists and public to celebrate the accession. We'll see if we manage to catch up with Chicago, given the time difference.

Here we have several local artists showing their work with us. As usual we'll be screening short films and have projection of art work from invited artists around the world. All this time we have been receiving submissions trough our website and we have selected the most interesting works for your attention. We really enjoyed the process and want to thank all the artists for such a great response! Thank you!

This is the approximate list of artists that will be presented by Marseille Project Gallery on 24th April 2010. This list will get bigger by the actual date as the interest in this exhibition is still very high and artists are joining us every day...

Beate Gordes
Nathan Morton
Daniel Kanaan
Lira Kay
Curtis Readel
Natalie Kulbashna
Laurent Fernandes dit Flaut
Susanne Strassmann
Christophe Rodiac
Jean-Alain Allix
Patrick Filhol
Agnes R Bagdassarian
Elisabeth Bastier
Arina Gordienko
Alexandra Kabakova
Marlies Bockhorn
Evrensel Ürüm (evros)
Georgette van Noppen
John Sims
Jieun Beth Kim
Marta Casals
Marilyn Kirsch
Curtis Readel
Pavlos Satoglou
Aditi Kulkarni
Constantin Severin
Aldo Carhuancho Herrera
Cameron Jinks  
Kyra Matustik
Simon P  Laurent
Adel Fortia
Jose Javier Gonzalez
Katerina Xarchopoulou
Dganit Kislev
Margret Schopka
Mira Reiss

Now artists from Ukraine and Russia found by Natalie Kulbasha who is acting as a curator and agent for them. So any questions concerning sales will be addressed to her.

Pavel Kocherzhenko
Anna Kolbiaka
Anna Kolos
Olga Vaulina
Patricia Tokav-Sedh
Viktor Semeniak
Taja Kubachiti
Vsevolod Kovtun
Vadim Yakovenko
Oksana Boot
Tania Lapteva
Natalie Lubimova
Vladislav Pichugin
Anastasiya Kasilova
Maria Raszvetajeva "Tochka Sborki"
Vladimir Kleimenov
Vera Jakovenko
Nikolay Guzovski

And our American print collection curated by Curtis Readel. Fuller statement for all artists will be there for you to read at the exhibition. All prints are available for sale. For that you can contact Curtis or us any time. Also check out Red Rocket Gallery for more information about artists.

The Misfits themed portfolio titled “I Ain’t No Goddamn Son of A Bitch” contains self-portraits by print artists. Although self-portraits have been around since the earliest times, it was not until the mid 1400’s during the Early Renaissance, that artists frequently acknowledged depicting themselves as either the main subject or as important characters in their work. Artists sought to represent their image, whether it showed realism of their features, a look at a particular point in life or an outpouring of emotions. Some self-portraits show only what the artist wants us to see, some chronicle the history of the artist. Others reveal personal secrets and a sense of isolation. Whichever method is employed each artist took a long literal and figurative look at him/herself. Each portrait is an investigation of the self. This conventional practice is updated by mixing with the energy and aesthetic of the horror punk band The Misfits. The blend of traditional artistic expression with the contemporary views of self and identity create for an interesting display of self-portraiture through the means of any and all print processes.

Kim Ambriz
Christopher Cannon
Ann Flowers
William Higgins
John Hitchcock
Mirka Hokkanen
Darren Houser
Rachael Madeline
Meghan O’Connor
David Teng Olson
Matthew Pazzol
Joel Peck
Curtis Readel
Matt Rebholz
The Scavengers (Amy Newell and Jason Ruhl)
Valerie Wallace
Christopher Ganz
AJ Nordhagen
Devon Harriss
Denise Bookwalter
Sean Star Wars


and more to come...


We are looking forward to seeing everybody here, having a great party and having all our artists in the centre of attention!





Vadim Yakovenko, Curtis Readel, Patricia Tokav-Sedh, Natalie Kulbasha, Cameron Jinks, Lira Kay, Mira Reiss, Aditi Kulkarni

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