Exhibition from 18 – 21 September 2008

Review of the show

The first project to celebrate the new gallery opening was called Housewarming as it was the first invitation to the wider audience to take part. From the 18th to 21st of September the ordinary house in Saint Julien became a centre for the local art lovers to get together to see and discuss the exciting new art work presented by a group of internationally known artists .

“We decided to start the new Gallery with a showing of fresh art that was produced here in France. The area proved to be an inspiring change from gloomy, grey London.” The organisers said.

Lira Kay showed her new series of large pastels drawings, called “River” made after trip to Switzerland last summer. “Camping by Lake Geneva and swimming in the river Rhine reminded me of the places where I grew up. Delicate greens and smoky greys and blues still mesmerise me. I'm sure, though, the Mediterranean colours will soon take over ...”

The new place did already inspire Daniel Kanaan to radically change the way he works. After successfully showing figurative drawings and paintings he came to work with reclaimed metal. His latest pieces are both abstract and conceptual. “I wanted to investigate sound and movement. Marseille is famous for its mistral and I wanted to take advantage of this source of energy.”

There was a good chance for the public to see earlier work by Arina Gordienko, MA graduate from prestigious Chelsea College of Art, abstract work by French artist Annie Binan and mixed media painting by well known Russian- Estonian artist Vitali Kuznetsov.

A real treat for the public was the short film screenings curated by Kerry Baldry. One minute videos and animations produced by 20 artists for her new programme led to lively discussion with an intriguing outcome – a new collaborative video project is planned for the next show.

“The Marseille Project Gallery is a real success. The art work we've seen is something new for Marseille, professionally confident and daring, experimental without being pretentious... Unexpectedly strong art in the home-gallery. Looking forward to the next event... House-warming party was great! We were treated like close friends and met a lot of interesting people. Wish the hosts well and thank you for inviting...”

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Artists showing

Daniel Kanaan sculpture

Lira Kay painting

Arina Gordienko painting

Stephenie Bergman ceramic

Annie Binan painting


One Minute (Volume 2) - Short film collection

will be screened at 18.00 every evening


One Minute (volume 2) is the second in the series of artists' videos curated by Kerry Baldry.
This new programme is an eclectic range of moving image and includes formats such as
16mm film, Super 8, video, stopframe animation, superimposition,
all constrained by a time limit of one minute..

Artists include:
Gordon Dawson, Laure Prouvost, Martin Pickles, Marty St.James,
Eva Rudlinger, Steven Ball, Guy Sherwin, Louisa Minkin,
Steve Hawley, Gary Peploe, Lynn Loo, Riccardo Iacono,
Hilary Jack, Nicolas Herbert, Claire Morales, Catherine Elwes,
Tina Keane, Kate Meynell, Kerry Baldry, Phillip Warnell, Nick Jordan,
Margie Schnibbe, Stuart Pound, Esther Johnson, Mark Wigan,
Andy Fear, Philip Sanderson, Erica Scourti, Unconscious Films
and Deklan Kilfeather

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