Exhibition and Private View

18 September 2010

from 18.00 till very late!



Dear friends,

The FUTURE had come!

We invite you to celebrate the occasion with us!

Today is the day when you see the futuristic ideas put in front of you. Contemplate, make notes and change you life.

We are exploring possibility of the end, present state of mind and near future of the planet.

Utopian formulas, post-apocalyptic landscapes, warnings, campaigns, fears and hopes in format of the artwork, installation, painting, video, photography and text will be presented on our next exhibition here in MPG.

But not just art or artists will be on display this time.

FUTUREPROOF will show you people, the paths they chosen. It happened that most people exhibiting will be artists but not only, it's the bloggers, curators, activists, writers, musicians, mothers, men who are aware...

It's the attitude we would like to bring across, the way of thinking. Also the feelings we have for existing world, for the possible end of it, for the future.

The question is what kind of people will be living after us. Do we care?

The show is about what is worth  saving, what will survive, which ideas of humankind are FUTUREPROOF.


We are looking forward to seeing you at our gallery!



Images from works from Susanne Strassmann, Mik Peter Rasmussen, Gordon Dawson and Lira Kay

Daniel Kanaan
Lira Kay
Beate Gordes
Nathan Morton
Curtis Readel
Susanne Strassmann
Arina Gordienko
Aditi Kulkarni 
Kyra Matustik
Simon P  Laurent
Jane Ryder
Drew Iwaniw
Roberta Weissman Nagy
Zoltan Nagy
Kristina Buic
Elena Tosato
Marco Lamanna
Roberto Mettifogo
Mik Peter Rasmussen
Sofia Kanaan

Mark Wigan

Kerry Baldry

Kerry Baldry is once again showing her One Minute volume 4 collection of short films and animation. It includes work by:

Katharine Meynell, Jonathan Moss, Eva Rudlinger, Chris Meigh Andrews, Martin Pickles, Gordon Dawson, Sam Renseiw and Philip Sanderson, Tony Hill, Laure Prouvost, Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker, Kerry Baldry, Alex Pearl, Steven Ball, Anahita Razmi, Kate Jessop, Bob Levene, Erica Scourti, Elizabeth Hobbs, Liam Wells, Claire Morales, Michael Cousin, Tina Keane, Virginia Hilyard, Riccardo Iacono, Fil Ieropoulos, Marty St. James , James Snazell, Stuart Pound
Richard Tuohy, Simon Payne, Tansy Spinks, Louisa Minkin, Zhel Vukicevic, Leister/Harris, Nicki Rolls, Nick Herbert, Daniela Butsch, Michael Szpakowski, David Kefford, Cate Elwes.

Also I would like to present our collaborative project with Ukrainian artists called

Marseille Project Gallery and Domashnaja Galerja are joining forces again for contemporary art festival taking place in Koktebel, Ukraine. Famous getaway for the artists, writers and poets of old Russia is open for our new art event that is bringing future and past together in the exiting collection of art, music and film.

'Domashnaja Galerja' with Natalie Kulbasha and Tochka Sborki will be live online from 7-9th of September and talking to us here like last time on 18th from 20.00. We'll be sharing our art collections by screening films and projecting images simultaneously in both galleries on 9th and 18th of September.

Participating artists in Ukraine
Patricia Tokav-Sedh, Anatoli Lavrinishin, Vsevolod Kovtun, Nina Volkova, Natalia Kulbashna, Nikolai Guzovski, Vadim Jakovenko, Vladislav Pichugin, Tanja Pavlova, Elisei, Olga Valuna, Ivan Lunchenko, Stas Shapran, Alexandr Ivanov, Valeri Kozin, Snezana Malysheva, Viktor Lysenko, Alena Delena, Aleksandr Kravchenko, Anatoli Sloiko, Irina Golovko, Oksana Sorokina, Aleksandr Dymshiz, Jula Panchuk, Aleksandr Gorbunov, Pavel Vishnakov, Anna Pelyh, Sofia Lubenko, Aleksandr Zazirnyi, Aleksandr Klimenko, Konstantin Ambroziev, Vladimir Shpak, Aleksei Eremenko, Indika, also Dmitri Dgevaga, Aleksei Lunchenko and Maria Raszvetajeva, Roma Raszvetaev, Olga Vaulina, Vjacheslav Pilman and Wepka.com, Ruki v Bruki, Mosja & Company and others.











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