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Welcome to the gallery!

We are happy you considered our house as a place to show your work.

So far our exhibitions have been very busy and exciting events for both public and artists. Interest is growing rapidly and we are involving more people, who are in turn bringing a lot of new ideas and collaborations.

First please note that this is NOT a commercial gallery. Consider this when applying and choosing work for the exhibition. Sales happen but they are not the main agenda of our events. We are doing our best to present and promote our artists but there is no hardcore salesmen here. :-)

We like showing work that is creative, fresh and personal. Is there a point otherwise?

Images of all the work considered for the show have to be sent to us by email with titles, size and price of the work at least one month before the show so we can put it on the exhibition page of the gallery website and find the space for it in the gallery.
We prefer work that is relevant to the theme of the exhibition. By the way, you can always propose the next theme!

If you want to send your work to the gallery by post or courrier you would have to organise sending your work back if it's not sold. We will take it to the post office within a week after the show, we will need to have a cheque with the amount that will pay for the shipping. Please make sure you wrap your work well!

Another way to show art in our gallery is to project it. For some exhibitions we chose images of the work and project them to the gallery wall in original size as a slide show. If you are joining an exhibition with projection you will have to send good resolution image by email with your name, title of the work, size and price.

All copyrights are the artist's. We will not use your image for any other purposes. If you want we will put the image on the exhibition webpage for your promotion. Example of the exhibition of this kind is “Spring Projection”, March 2009. We successfully showed more then 70 images by 35 artists. You can read more about it in the archives.

A big part of our exibitions are short film screenings. Video artists who wish to partisipate in those can send artist's statement and stills from the film by email and then if agreed send the dvd by post on the gallery address.

Approximate plan of action for the artists who are coming to Marseille:

Exhibition is open to public for one day with Preview Party about 7 o'clock unless stated otherwise.
Works need to be brought to the gallery the day before (in the evening) or on the day of the event. Installations or sculptures have to be installed by the artist on the space agreed.

Work can be collected after the show or the next day. Unfortunately we can not store your work, all our sheds are full of our own stuff.;-)

On the day after the show we would like to invite artists for the informal presentation and discussion of the work shown or the work in progress. This is your chance to talk about your work, your plans, ideas, about everything involving your art to the people just as obsessed with art as you are. :-)
So be prepared for the late night in! Workshop-demonstration or plain air can be also organised for the fellow artists or the public. See how it goes.

There are several hotels nearby, one very reasonable is 35 Eu for a double-bedroom or 110 Eu for the apartment with kitchen, living room and two bedrooms that will accommodate 5-6 people. We stayed there and can say it is just fine! If I remember right there is an outdoor swimming pool and parking.

Also there are very chic B&B with spectacular view and cooking lessons 5 minutes drive from us. And lots of other good hotels we can assist you to book. When doing your research please note the gallery is in Saint Julien zip-code 13012. For more information on how to get by in Marseille you can contact us and we'll try to tell you as much as we know.

If we sell your work through our gallery we take commission of 30%. Have that in mind when pricing your art. You are welcome to send us any promotional material you have such as business cards, cards, brochures, catalogues. We will make them available to public at the time of the show. Also for some projects we will ask you to give us short statement about your work and links to your personal website or blog. We will use this information to make sure the world knows about you.

We are looking forward to seeing your work and you in Marseille Project Gallery!
Good luck with submission!

Marseille Project Gallery always welcomes new participants for discussion and collaboration. So if you are an artist, patron or a viewer don't hesitate to contact the gallery to find out about upcoming events and subscribe to our newsletter.

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