about: marseille project gallery

Marseille Project Gallery is an open studio gallery space for local and international artists to collaborate, discuss the creative process, share their experiences and show artwork.

It started as an art project by Lira Kay and Daniel Kanaan, Russian and American artists already established in the London art seen. Having moved into their new house in March 2008, they wanted to create and show their own expansive contemporary artwork: painting, sculpture, print, photography and film.

Very soon project was joined by other artists they knew back from London and also their friends in France, USA and Russia.

As a curators of this house-gallery space Lira and Daniel seek to develop and encourage experimentation and dialogue in contemporary art practice, provide exhibition place for artists, and emphasise the important role that artists play in shaping our visual language and our communities.
International exchange is considered to be essential to both making and appreciating contemporary art.

Projects in the Gallery are planned to run as they come. Outdoor film screenings, sculpture and painting exhibitions are going to be regular, seasonal events.

Marseille Project Gallery always welcomes new participants for discussion and collaboration. So if you are an artist, patron or a viewer don't hesitate to contact the gallery to find out about upcoming events and subscribe to our newsletter.

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